FineBlanking Quality Strip - Fineblanking Quality Strip ( FBQ ) is produced with application-specific processing designed to create tailored physical and microstructural properties. These properties maximize the ability of our steels to perform in critical fineblanking applications with greater flow characteristics than standard strip steel products. Blair’s unique position, as the heaviest gauge strip mill, allows us to begin with thicker raw material hot roll than our competitors. This increases the percent of cold reduction when rolling the strip to the finished thickness. In doing so, we increase the amount of energy in the “full hard” cold rolled strip prior to the final metallurgical anneal, maximizing the degree of spheroidization in the final strip microstructure and ultimately maximizing the dynamic flow of FBQ strip when it performs in the fineblanking die.


Fully Processed Cold Rolled Strip - Cold rolled strip is precision rolled to its full hard condition, then fully annealed. As the most reliable material for stamping or fineblanking, cold rolled strip provides the tightest and most consistent thickness tolerances, the highest degree of spheroidization with the softest and most consistent hardness. A fully-processed strip is also made with a clean, uniform finish.


Annealed And One-Pass Hot Rolled Strip - Hot rolled strip is annealed for softness and gauge-corrected for closer thickness tolerances on a cold rolling mill. This is a lower cost option where the degree of spheroidization, dimensional tolerances or surface finish may not be as demanding in either the metal forming process or the finished part.


One-Pass Hot Rolled Strip - One-pass strip is gauge-corrected for closer thickness tolerances on a cold rolling mill. This option is not annealed and lower in cost. With a ferritic, hot rolled structure, one-pass has harder, more variable physical properties appropriate for less demanding applications where bends and forming are less severe.


Annealed Hot Rolled Strip - Hot rolled strip can be batch annealed for softer, more consistent hardness with moderate spheroidization. This option is lower cost, but retains relatively wide and variable hot rolled thickness tolerances and a rougher, more variable hot rolled pickled finish.


Pattern Rolled Strip - Cold Rolled Strip is finished with a textured roll pattern, typically drawn into shells for military ordnance bodies.





Cold Rolled Strip - .0315" - .375" (.8 mm - 9.5mm)


Annealed, One-Pass Hot Rolled - .065" - .650" (1.65 mm - 16.5 mm)


One-Pass Hot Rolled Strip - .065" - .650" (1.65 mm - 16.5 mm)


Annealed, Hot Rolled Strip - .065" - .750" (1.65 mm - 19 mm)


*All products can be made in coils up to 72" OD (1829 mm) or in cut-lengths.

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